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Meals & Snacks

Meal times are a relaxed and social time for the child and educators. Children are given ample time to eat and conversation is encouraged--no matter the age! We encourage the child to try a variety of foods. Children who do not wish to eat particular foods will be given more of the foods s/he does enjoy. All of our meals are balanced and nutritious and guided by Canada's Food Guide. We provide three snacks throughout the day (one in the morning, one in the afternoon and a small one at 5:30). Our hot lunch is catered for infants transitioning from milk to solid foods and all toddlers and preschoolers. NYAD works with families to ensure that individual children's dietary needs are upheld.


Please contact the supervisor for information regarding availability of spaces

Birth through 18 months

You are your child's first educator and we meet together to discuss your family specifically your child's likes/dislikes, routines, and other pertinent information that will support your journey into NYAD.

Infants use their senses to learn about their world, which is why exploration is critical to their growth. NYAD infant classrooms are safe environments that are visually engaging and offer a whole range of sensory experiences. Responsive educators support your child while they are exploring and educators encourage the infants to experience thoughtful offerings that the educator provides for example, exploring a pumpkin.


Please contact the supervisor for information regarding availability of spaces

18 months through 30 months (2.5 years)

It is the time of “I do; hmmm, what's over there; I want; MINE” and many more “I” and “mine” moments.

At NYAD, educators continue to support toddlers to grow by actively interacting and encouraging the children to become more self-aware and holistically express themselves in environments that are planned for discovery & wonder.


Please contact the supervisor for information regarding availability of spaces

2.5 years to 3.8 years

Preschool children are becoming more independent, verbal and are making more relationships with others, their environment and ideas.

At NYAD, educators interact, observe, probe and reflect what they are seeing and hearing from the preschool child. Multiple thoughtful activities will be extended to the children to widen the children's experiences and concepts. This strategy continues throughout the whole day always taking into account the individual needs of the children.

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  • NYAD Midland
    Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute
  • Supervisor: Lisa D'Andrade
    Assistant Supervisor: Ghazelah Emambakhsh
  • Address: 720 Midland Avenue, Toronto, M1K 4C9
  • Telephone: 416-264-8050
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  • Email: midland@nyad.org