a Not Your Average History

In 1979, the principal of Scarborough Village Alternate PS required a child care in his school to meet the needs of parents volunteering in the classrooms. He approached a small group of parents who were studying Early Childhood Education and those discussions led to the creation of NYAD, a Not Your Average Daycare. As a not-for-profit child care, a Board of Directors was elected to help support the goals of the four founding women. NYAD's first logo was created to brand this very unique child care. Mara Holdenried was one of these visionaries and still is the passionate and committed Executive Director of NYAD.

In the following years, NYAD's reputation led to several Scarborough principals and parent groups, in high schools and elementary schools, to request that NYAD opens a centre in their buildings. Of those remaining, NYAD Guildwood opened in 1989 and NYAD Donwood in 1990.

In 1989, NYAD collaborated with the Scarborough Board of Education to create the film "Scarborough's Commitment to Daycare", to promote the inclusion of not-for-profit childcares in schools.
In 1994, the principal of Corvette Jr PS approached NYAD to open a preschool program in his school which has now grown to become one of NYAD's largest centres, with infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten and school age programs.

In 1997, NYAD was one of several charities and not-for-profit organizations that became the initial members of the Dolphin Bingo Association. NYAD remains a member benefiting greatly from the monthly revenues generated by the patrons of the hall. Dolphin Bingo recently evolved into Dolphin Gaming.
1999, saw the revision, by NYAD's Board of Directors, of NYAD's Mission Statement and the creation of our Values and Beliefs Statement. As a result of NYAD's growth over the years, it was deemed that NYAD needed a more inclusive logo. This led to the creation of our next logo in 2000.

In 2001, NYAD Bond opened in the building previously housing Midland Collegiate. This became home to the Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies when Bond International moved to a larger facility. NYAD's relationship with SCAS began many years earlier, in 1986 and has continued as the school moved from building to building.

Plans for our AGM in 2002, led to the creation of NYAD's first film "an ongoing adventure" which highlighted NYAD's history. This was followed by "the program" for the 2003 AGM. Both films speak to the passion and commitment to quality care and education that has come to represent NYAD, a Not Your Average Daycare.
In 2010, NYAD'S modern day logo was adopted and NYAD's Head Office moved to its' current location.

In 2013, NYAD was requested to open centres at Cedar Drive and Mason Road Public Schools to support the families needing care before and after school. Both centres now offer kindergarten and school age programs.

In 2019, NYAD celebrated our 40th anniversary with a fun day for all our families at Scarborough Village PS... where our journey began so many years ago.

Over these many years, NYAD's Board of Directors, management teams and educators have never lost the sight of the founding members' beliefs... to create a child care centre where every child would be welcomed into a safe, supportive and creative setting. These beliefs, captured in NYAD's Program Philosophy, are the essence of what makes NYAD... a Not Your Average Daycare.
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