Our Philosophy

"Is it really so much that a child needs? The right to have space and time for exploration, so that each can grow at its own rhythm and become part of society in a natural way...to feel what they feel, to have their experiences accepted and valid, and to be responded to in their own context...to live lives that are their own, not someone else's...the right to have happy parents, whom society accepts and values."

* *Let's Look at Kids, Leila Berg, Penguin Books

What Defines us

NYAD offers early education programs for young children, birth through 12 years of age, that honours and respects their right to environments that are inclusive, diverse, culturally sensitive, bias-free, non-judgmental, equitable, developmentally appropriate and safe from harm. Our programs also incorporate and celebrate the natural environment.

In NYAD, each child is an individual with his or her own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. This special uniqueness is to be fostered through experiences that allows each child to develop a sense of self and well-being; promoting their capacity for self-care and self-regulation skills; enabling the child to explore the world and form conclusions that are true to themselves.
At NYAD we strive to establish positive, responsive relationships with the children and their families whom we know the child is inseparably connected to. We recognize that children are competent contributors with their own interests and points of view; and, environments and experiences that allow them to explore ideas, investigate theories, and interact with others in play, is their right.

Experience this yourself
At NYAD it is our educator's job to watch, observe, interact, research, facilitate, enhance and document learning. In order to do this so it is beneficial to your child, the educator will reflect what they see, hear and experience with your child; what is it that is capturing the child's attention, is it the car or is it speed; is it the brightly coloured material touching the infant's face or is it the coolness of the material?

NYAD believes that play based programming nurtures the conditions that are important for children to grow and flourish. It promotes, Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression.

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